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COMPARUS HILFT E.V. (registered non-profit association)

Comparus’ corporate sister is located in Dnipro, eastern Ukraine. This is why we have a strong connection into the region and are in close contact and exchange with its people in the metropolis. 90 co-workers of us are working and living within the region which is currently under attack by the Russian military force. Medical supplies are getting shorter and shorter. We are in contact with hospitals in Dnipro and are supplying them with necessary goods such as sutures, bandages, medicines, and surgical instruments. It is becoming increasingly important to also provide food. We help in the form of relief supplies and are organising the transport in the affected regions ourselves.


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To make all of it happen, Comparus set up an association called “Comparus hilft e.V.”, which translates to ‘Comparus helps’. Please support us!

Your donation will help immediately and 100% of it will directly reach the people who will need it the most.

As Comparus GmbH, we are bringing together strategy consulting, innovative technology and software development.
With this knowledge, we have accompanied customers within the finance and insurance branch supporting them to accomplish the digital transformation of their business models.


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About us

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are constantly evolving and getting optimised. As a result, we are experiencing a shift in all areas of life. Autonomous driving, file and speech recognition, medical diagnosis and robot control are just a few examples in which AI comes to use to deploy machines that work reliably while performing highly complex processes. Comparus supports various developments regarding AI and Machine Learning, such as developing file and text recognition to optimise costumer processes. We strive to find new ways and perspectives as well as constantly broaden our horizon and expand our knowledge.


The digital transformation allows the shift of business processes as well as entire business models. This whole process goes along with challenges in areas of organisation, culture and technology. Comparus will walk this journey side by side with you, from finding right choices and analysing situations up to implementing necessary IT adjustments using agile methods.


Modern container technology, such as Docker, enables us to deliver software even faster and more convenient from our developers to our customers. To do so, we use Continuous Delivery Pipelines to regularly provide individual applications or releases in short cycles. To ensure a high quality of software throughout its lifecycle, we use the CI/CD technique. We wanted to be independent from professional cloud providers. In order to achieve this goal we built our own cloud solution which we are using in most of our projects.