Our services

Comparus supports companies in developing and changing their business models and the associated technological implementation. New and modified products and services are constantly being developed and offered.

The speed of markets and the complexity of solutions require new approaches to managing companies. We are driving the transformation to agile management methods, drawing on both our own experience and from the experience of successful implementations at our customers.

Comparus ensures the future viability of evolved proprietary but now outdated systems and solutions by transforming them onto a modern technological basis.

With its own subsidiary specialized in the development of high-quality software, Comparus has the capacity and flexibility to transform customer-specific requirements into customised software products.

With more than 250 successfully implemented data analysis and data migration projects, Comparus has extensive experience and know-how in harnessing the most important corporate capital.

An all-inclusive collaboration platform that uses future-oriented technologies and meets the highest security requirements - this is the vision we have turned into reality with TiONA. Our software uses automation and artificial intelligence to help companies communicate, organize and implement efficiently.