Data Migration

Data usage makes systems valuable

The replacement of systems always requires a data transfer from the old systems to the new system environments. Since a completely new data model is usually implemented when new systems are deployed, the correct transfer of data is of particular importance. It is mandatory that data remains usable and additional data has to fit correctly into existing logics.

Due to changing customer needs and as a result of technological innovations, proprietary IT systems at some point can no longer meet the expectations placed on them and need to be replaced by new IT infrastructures. IT is a reflection of existing business processes.
Therefore, the successful introduction of a new IT system is a business-critical project. It has to be ensured that historical data stocks are correctly transferred to the new system so that their use is still possible.



Quality management is a central task in technology renewal projects, ensuring that the newly introduced systems function reliably and deliver the expected results. With our proven quality management methods, we plan, ensure and control quality in complex migration projects.


As a software and IT consulting company with historical roots in the financial services industry, Comparus has in-depth banking expertise. Whether reporting, controlling, customer management or account management – we understand a wide range of banking business processes and also advise our customers outside of traditional IT topics.

We have combined our experience and expertise from over 250 data migration projects in our Data Development Station (DES). The DES is a tool that transparently handles all process steps related to data migration and ensures that you can follow the migration progress live.