Digital Business Transformation

Comparus supports companies in developing their business models

Over the last 30 years the particular focus of information technology has been on the efficient handling of internal processes through ERP systems. These systems fulfill their purpose, but because of their complexity they are not suitable for reacting quickly to customer-relevant changes. In order to be able to place the customer at the center of one’s own business processes, flexible agile systems and structures are required.

They enable innovations to be brought to market quickly, and existing business models to be changed and further developed without having to change the existing IT landscape. Comparus accompanies companies in the evolution of existing business models and in the development of new business models.

Comparus supports companies in adapting their existing business models or in developing new business models from scratch in order to transform the “old” world into the digital world. When developing business models, we use successfully proven methods such as Value Preposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas or Design Thinking.



Many companies have well thought-out organisational structures, but only a few companies develop organisations based on their IT architectures. However, since almost every process is now supported by IT, it makes sense to look at the interaction of organisational structures and IT architectures. Architecture management is about building an adaptable and scalable IT architecture so that IT architecture and organisational structure are optimally aligned.


Visions and corporate mission statements form the basis for the development of strategies. Activities and actions determine whether companies achieve their defined medium- and long-term goals. Markets, competitors, customer needs and technologies are subject to constant change. Therefore, the process of defining goals and the actions and activities derived from them must be constantly scrutinised. Comparus has many years of experience in the development of strategies and the positioning of companies.

Comparus accompanies companies in the generating ideas. In doing so, we rely on modern methods. But good ideas alone are not enough. It is important to turn ideas into successful products and services for customers or to improve internal processes in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. This requires systematic planning and control so that creative ideas become real innovations.