Software Development

Comparus implements customer-specific requirements in software products
Companies and their customers expect outstanding quality, short development cycles and a high degree of transparency and flexibility when developing software. This is where Comparus applies agile software development methods. It enables us to guarantee that marketable products are delivered in short development cycles.

Within the scope of agile software development projects, we rely on small, self-organising teams and an iterative and incremental approach. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, Comparus uses globally recognized agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban or SAFe.

The aim of agile software development is to shorten the development cycle of applications and systems and thus minimize the risks associated with the project. In accordance with the agile guiding principles, at Comparus people and interactions have a higher prority than processes and tools.

Agile software development


A successful digital transformation of business models uses networks and mobile devices, operates the latter, collects and analyzes data, and utilizes the cloud for the provision of apps. But how do you outsource your IT services and how do you bring your existing software products into the cloud? Depending on the desired degree of outsourcing, we ensure that “making IT” becomes “consuming IT”.

TEST Automation

Customers expect software that works. As simple as this requirement reads, it is difficult to implement. After all, software development must also satisfy economic considerrations. That is why we have optimised and automated our test procedures and methods. Our automation processes range from test case creation, test data generation and scripting to test execution, evaluation and documentation.